Guide | Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Displays the expected Learning Outcomes for a learner to gain after completing a course or activity.

It displays as follows:

Learning Outcomes
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To use it in Moodle, click on the Components for Learning button In the Atto editor and select the item Learning Outcomes:

Use cases


Learning Outcomes
  • Analyze and evaluate the major social, political, and economic trends that have shaped global events since the end of World War II.
  • Develop critical thinking skills by evaluating primary and secondary sources, identifying biases and perspectives, and interpreting historical events within their broader social and cultural contexts.
  • Understand the connections between historical events and contemporary issues, and develop an appreciation for the ongoing impact of history on contemporary society.
Learning Outcomes
  • Enhance critical thinking skills by analyzing and interpreting information from the periodic table to determine the atomic number of a given element.
  • Improve problem-solving skills by applying knowledge of atomic structure to identify the atomic number of elements.
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between atomic number and isotopes.