Guide | Procedural Context

Procedural Context

Provides the learner with a detailed description of a procedure due to following in a particular context.

It displays as follows:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut porta, neque id feugiat consectetur, enim ipsum tincidunt nunc, id suscipit mauris urna sit amet lectus.

To use it in Moodle, click on the Components for Learning button In the Atto editor and select the item Procedural Context:

Procedural Context Atto button in Moodle

Use cases


Analytical Task

As mentioned in this chapter, one very dominant way of evaluating the sophistication of different societies is by measuring the amount of wealth generated by each one. Can you think of an alternative way of evaluating progress or development? Would that way reorder the global hierarchy? How might it change your way of thinking about your own society?

Before submitting your answer, discuss the topic with a peer. This activity doesn’t count towards the final mark, so don’t be afraid to be bold and creative. The ultimate goal of these analytical activities is for you to get accustomed to thinking out of the box.

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