Is Components for Learning free to use?

Components for Learning is an Open Source project whose primary goal is to help improve education, so you are welcome to use it for free.

I love the project, can I contribute somehow?

Of course! Any help will be widely appreciated. Right now, the project’s primary focus is the translations, so if you are interested in helping translate the guide or the plugin into your language of choice, please contact me! Your contribution will help shape the project and keep it alive. ❤️

I have an idea for a new component, are you interested in hearing about it?

Of course! Please be welcome to share it. Components for Learning is an ongoing project that needs as many inputs and ideas as possible to be a useful day-to-day tool for educators. Your experience and ideas are more than welcome! Again, contact me here if that is the case.

Who did this?

My name is Roger Segú, and I design and develop learning-related content, themes, plugins and interactive apps. I am also an instructional designer. You can find me on Twitter and my website.